Prairie Grain Analyzers

We are one of the first large-scale dealers of handheld and portable grain analyzer systems in Western Canada, teaming up with Prairie Grain Analyzers out of Ontario.   With the battery life and portability to travel with you in your operation, you can confidently get accurate bushel weights, as well as moisture, protein, oil and carbohydrate … Read more

Circle King

Clews has been supplying Circle King grain bin unload systems since the late 90’s. This grain handling and unload system involves the installation of a tube into the side of each of your bins, and a set of flighting and hydraulic motor that you move from bin to bin. Safely unload grain with modern grain … Read more

Fuel Lock

fuel lock system and tank

With the rising rate of crime in rural areas and high fuel prices, customers have taken to using FuelLock to protect their gasoline and diesel. The system is an electrical  interlock that goes between the power source and fuel pump, and will only allow use of the pump once a valid PIN is put in. … Read more

Clews Palliser Cattle Oilers

cows using a cattle oiler rope

We manufacture our own brand of cattle oilers right here in Central Alberta, with the plastics coming from Crossfield, natural hemp fibre rope cut to length in our Red Deer shop, steel manufacturing and welding in Drumheller, and mineral oil tanks from Lacombe. Our simple solution for controlling parasites and improving herd health Cattle oilers … Read more

Aeration Fans and Transitions

grain bin aeration fan

Aeration fans work by blowing air through a grain bin to remove moisture. Fans are typically installed near the top of the bin and draw in outside air through a vent in the bin roof or sidewall. The fans can be controlled by a thermostat that senses the temperature and humidity inside the bin and … Read more


Bin Sense logo

The award-winning BIN-SENSE® was designed with you in mind. Whether your grain bins are steps from your front door, or thousands of miles away, BIN-SENSE® keeps you connected to your grain storage. The easy-to-use monitoring system keeps costs low and yields high. Secure your harvest with award winning BIN-SENSE technology. WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY BETWEEN YOU AND … Read more