We offer the best in temperature and moisture monitoring available. Avoid grain overheating and spoilage with our aerations fans.

All the Options – Aeration

More information regarding our aeration fan options to come. Clews knows and finds the perfect solution for aerating your grain bin to maintain a good temperature and avoid unnecessary, unwanted spoilage.

Why you Need Aeration Fans

Overheated grain and spoilage are serious problems due to the hot and dry conditions of the growing seasons throughout the years.

Consequently, proper aeration of grain is more important than ever! Our aeration fans help you aerate your grain and resolve these serious issues with ease and simplicity.

The Original 24/7 Wireless Grain Monitoring System

Use your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Home Computer to view your bin info from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

  • Alerts & Notifications sent directly to any mobile phone
  • Works with Temperature & Moisture Cables
  • Can use on any Bin on any Farm
  • Also provides Bin Level & Theft Security
  • Solar & Battery Powered
  • No Software, No Contracts
  • Finally, Compatible with existing digital Sensing Cables