Secure your harvest with award winning BIN-SENSE technology.

Wireless connectivity between you and your farm – wherever you are.

The award-winning BIN-SENSE® was designed with you in mind. Whether your grain bins are steps from your front door, or thousands of miles away, BIN-SENSE® keeps you connected to your grain storage. The easy-to-use monitoring system keeps costs low and yields high.

All the Options – BIN-SENSE

  • Solar & battery powered. So, no power requirement!
  • Temperature and/or moisture sensing
  • Also compatible with most existing cables
  • Control fans remotely from website or BIN-SENSE app
  • Alerts & Notifications sent directly to any mobile phone
  • Because of that, it is both Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) compatible
  • Designed for a variety of storage containers including flat bottom, hopper bottom, and elevators
  • Also provides Bin Level
  • Finally, No Software, No Contracts