“Wayne and Wyn Clews started this family business in 1993 after a lifetime of grain farming and ranching. With 40 permit books, Wayne’s years of experience and knowledge contribute significantly to the grain storage and drying industry.”



A Canadian Company, Clews Management, Ltd. was created by Wayne and Wyn Clews in 1993 after a lifetime of grain farming and experience in managing stored grain “down on the farm”.

In 1997, son Kevin and his wife Jacky joined the operation forming Clews Storage Management/K, Ltd. Kevin joined as President and Operations Manager and Jacky joined to manage the warehouse and oversee shipping.

Daughter Lorie, (Kevin’s sister) continued as Office Manager.

Wayne, our senior partner (in his 80’s) continues to do the layout and equipment quotes, many deliveries, farm visits, and training sessions with customers at startup with StorMax temperature monitoring equipment.

Danny Desrosiers started with Clews Management in Jan 2017. He is an Appliance Repair Technician by trade and worked in that field for more than 25 years. He then spent 9 years managing a local Auto Body Shop prior to joining our Team. Danny brings a great skill set, including great organization skills and a positive outlook each and every day.

Dave Burden came to Clews in 2015. Dave is a licensed RV Technician by trade who worked in the industry for 19 years. Dave also has many years of experience as a Parts & Service Manager at a local well known RV Dealership. He has also applied his skills in RV Sales, prior to joining Clews. There is nothing Dave can not repair. He does a great job on the road doing installs as well.

Zona Sceerey joined Clews in Jan 2019. Zona’s past experience includes RV Sales, where she did an exceptional job in working with customers and creating long-term relationships. She brings with her a great skill set dealing with customers with an amazing, high-energy attitude.

Most recently, our interest in matters respecting safe storage of grains has driven our passions towards wireless temperature and moisture monitoring with readings available on any smart device that has an internet connection – worldwide!

Built on core family values and real family farming character, the Clews Management, Ltd. family business continues to grow deep roots in the farming community!